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Constance’s art is inspired by her canoe explorations of the wilderness areas of South Florida. She will often spend several days at a time in the Everglades exploring remote places seldom photographed. It is with a camera that she attempts to recreate the peaceful solitude that you experience in these places. With an artistic vision framed by the camera, her goal is to provide the viewer a perspective he or she has never seen before…not to simply illustrate a picture of a bird or a mangrove tree. To that end, a successful image is one that best represents the wilderness experience and invites the viewer to observe more closely with a deeper appreciation for nature's art.

Growing up in rural Upper Michigan, nature and wildlife were significant in her life as she often explored the wooded areas surrounding her home. In 1997, her academic career led her to Miami where she began exploring the wilderness areas of south Florida by way of canoe. As the canoe was essential, so was her camera. Her cameras began as a way to record her wilderness trips, but soon grew into a passion that allowed her artistic side to develop. Since 2018 she has lived on Chokoloskee Island, in the heart of Everglades National Park’s Ten Thousand Islands. Since then, she has expanded her photography to other natural places throughout the United States.

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